A community like no other.
You belong here with us.

Inspired by our former (much loved) Afterglow Yoga studio in Amityville.

Join the club or dip your toe in with drop in options.

Let's practice together.



I’d like to call this a moving studio. Right now, we have regular classes in Amityville village.

Monday night at the Amityville Artist Atelier (on Broadway by the gazebo).

Pop up classes, events and trainings will be held here and potentially new spaces. I am always on the look out for other local small businesses to collaborate with in the Amityville area. (If you have a space to suggest let me know!)

Bring a yoga mat and your beautiful Self. I also highly suggest you bring the props you want to use to support your practice. 

I recommend blocks, a yoga blanket and a bolster for restorative classes.

 Because our spaces accommodate different things, I have limited amount of props to share. Plus it’s way more fun to use your own cozy stuff (ahem covid flashbacks lol).

This is my favorite prop supplier and the one I use for studio props. Happy shopping.

No, there is drop in pricing. 

A warm, welcoming setting with lots of smiling people. I am known for creating stellar community vibes so everyone who comes to class is super friendly and happy to be there. We respect the yoga AND have a great time.

If you’re new, expect to be introduced to the other students. The vibes in our gatherings are happy and joyful. I know how intimidating it can be to step into a yoga space.

I cater each class to the group of folks in it so you’ll notice a wide range of ages, body types, mobilities and levels of yoga experience.

Please know you belong here with us.

Monday night classes at Amityville Atelier: please park BEHIND the building in the big muni lot. You can use spots marked “Great South Bay Dance”. While there is a Broadway street entrance, we do not use it. So please park in the back and use the back entrance.

If we are at a different location not named here, you’ll receive ample notice of what to expect and where to go upon signing up.

Not at the moment. These classes are purely in person based on the current requests of our existing community.

If you wish to practice online, please let me know and if there’s enough of a demand for it, I’d be happy to shift to a hybrid class style. As a lot of you know, I am a huge fan of online learning.

I’m not ruling it out. But for right now, the Afterglow Yoga Club feels really fun. It allows me to be more present with my family, focus on my online work with yoga teachers, AND still get to connect with you. My heart feels full.

If the Club grows astronomically, we’ll see if that answer changes. 😉

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